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National Energy Administration: the 12th Five year plan focuses on four aspects of energy development. There are four focuses of energy development in the 12th Five Year Plan:

first, give priority to energy conservation. Energy conservation is the first priority. We should establish an energy-saving production system, an energy-saving consumption system and an energy-saving management system, ensure basic energy consumption, limit excessive energy consumption, encourage energy conservation, and give priority to energy conservation in different fields

second, we should vigorously implement independent innovation in energy science and technology. The components of friction and wear testing machine should build an innovative country, accelerate the transformation of economic development mode, and win the development opportunity and initiative. The most fundamental thing is to rely on the power of science and technology, and the most critical thing is to greatly improve the independent innovation ability of the first project

third, promote green production and clean utilization of coal. China's coal accounts for 70% of the total energy consumption, but from the world average, the proportion of coal is less than 30%. Therefore, solving the green production and clean utilization of coal and realizing the green development of energy are the reliable guarantee to solve the problem of energy utilization

there are mainly the following ways to solve the green production and clean utilization of coal in the future:

first, polygeneration is the best form of coal utilization. In polygeneration, the pollutants in coal can be treated or utilized as resources to the greatest extent. For example, sulfur can be recycled and high-purity carbon dioxide can be easily used and stored, so as to achieve nearly zero emissions of pollutants including greenhouse gases

secondly, 7 Bearing exhibition is a smart energy network with electricity as the core. Optimize the power structure and layout, and build a safe, reliable, intelligent, open, cost-effective transmission network. The new generation of information technology is used to optimize the production, transformation, transportation, storage and utilization of all kinds of energy, so as to better absorb intermittent power such as wind power and solar power generation. Transport, store and allocate energy of different forms and quality to places with the highest benefits, and improve the security level of energy supply

fourth, low-carbon is an important feature of energy development in the 12th Five Year Plan. On the whole, we should transition from the traditional energy system to the modern system of sustainable development. The 40 years before 2050 will be the transformation period of China's energy system, the 20 years before 2030 will be the critical period of China's energy system transformation, and the 12th Five Year Plan will be the key period to determine whether the key tasks can be completed

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