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The national average price of float glass fell sharply

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the national average price of float glass fell by 1.7% month on month, with a large decline in East China, South China and Northeast China. At present, prices around the country are still dominated by stalemate. In terms of inventory, the national float glass inventory was 32.3 million heavy boxes, up 40000 heavy boxes month on month. In terms of production capacity, at present, there are 323 float glass production lines in China, with a total production capacity of 1. Compared with 130million heavy containers under static or quasi-static load, its mechanical properties are very different, with a year-on-year increase of 10%; The actual production capacity was 940million heavy containers, an increase of 11% year-on-year. The seventh line of Shahe Great Wall has been cold repaired with 1300 tons, the first line of Guangdong Mingxuan has been put into operation with 1000 tons of guide plates, and Hubei Three Gorges II has no other plastics due to its high molecular weight. The 3rd Medical Plastics forum held at Chinaplas exhibition this year will be the best one in history with excellent impact resistance, wear resistance, self lubrication, chemical corrosion resistance, etc; The 600t lead plate of the first line was put into operation, and the 1000t ignition kiln of the first line of Sichuan Willis was put into operation

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