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When the national "epidemic prevention information code" comes, there is no need to provide other certificates

release date: Source: Sichuan Paper Industry Association

in order to scientifically and accurately implement zoning and hierarchical prevention and control, and orderly promote the resumption of work and production, The office of Sichuan provincial emergency response headquarters for novel coronavirus pneumonia issued the notice on Sichuan Province accelerating the exchange and mutual recognition of "health pass codes" relying on the national integrated government service platform

the notice makes it clear that all residents in Sichuan can log in to the national integrated government service platform to apply for "epidemic prevention information code" (the application process is attached below), which can be used as a few medical and health institutions (except fever clinics and designated admission institutions) in the province's transportation checkpoints, residential areas, parks, factory areas, business buildings, administrative service centers at all levels, and medical enterprises as a whole There is no need to issue additional supporting materials for the access certificates of public management and service institutions such as telecom banking service points

persons from Guangdong, Zhejiang, Chongqing, Yunnan, Jiangsu, Hainan, Guizhou, Fujian, Shanghai and Shandong provinces who have signed a mutual recognition agreement on health declaration certificate (Health Code) with Sichuan Province and hold local "Health Code", national "epidemic prevention information code" or paper health certificate shall be recognized; It can also be passed through four 3 After the experiment, 1 must turn off the power supply of the tensile testing machine and remove the fixture into the fixture box for the next use of the Sichuan migrant workers' health certificate platform to display the health code. There is no need to issue other relevant certificates

other people who have not signed the health declaration certificate with Sichuan should distinguish and use the Ming (Health Code) mutual recognition agreement provinces according to different environments. Those who hold the "instructions: epidemic prevention information code" of the national integrated government service platform should be recognized; The health code can also be displayed through the health certificate platform for migrant workers in Sichuan. There is no need to issue other relevant certificates

according to the notice, from March 19, the provincial primary medical and health institutions should post and publish the notice and the application process of "epidemic prevention information code" of the national integrated government service platform in their own institutions, and actively do a good job in policy interpretation to the masses. For those who need to apply for health declaration certificates, they will continue to provide free health services in accordance with the regulations

all personnel coming to Sichuan who hold the "epidemic prevention information code" of the national integrated government service platform should accept the technical management of regional and hierarchical prevention and control in accordance with the requirements of the notice on scientifically and accurately doing a good job in the prevention and control of coronavirus pneumonia and ensuring economic and social development (cdzbf [2020] No. 8) issued by the provincial emergency headquarters office for coping with the epidemic of new coronavirus pneumonia

national epidemic prevention information code application process

first, search the "national government affairs service platform" applet to obtain the entry to apply for the "national epidemic prevention health information code", and click the "epidemic prevention information code" to enter the application interface

II. After clicking "OK", the content as shown in the following figure will appear. Check "I have carefully read and agreed" and then click "allow" and "agree to authorize" to verify

III. after verification, select "select default login method" according to personal preference, enter the application interface that has completed personal information verification, and click "apply now" again to enter the filling page, as shown in the following figure. Please fill in your personal information truthfully

IV. click "submit" after filling in. You can get the following page of epidemic prevention health information code

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