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The national energy administration will formulate guidance on the solar photovoltaic power generation industry. Recently, the National Energy Administration held a photovoltaic industry development conference. Deputy director Liu Qi said that the national energy administration will formulate the functional characteristics of the desk tension machine for guiding the solar photovoltaic power generation industry: opinions to comprehensively coordinate and promote the development of the photovoltaic power generation industry

affected by the financial crisis and trade protectionism, the international market environment of China's photovoltaic industry is grim, and the backbone enterprises are also facing threats to their survival. On the morning of August 16, Liuqi, deputy director of the national energy administration, presided over a symposium on the development of photovoltaic industry, studied the main problems in the development of China's photovoltaic industry, and discussed the ways and Countermeasures to expand the domestic photovoltaic application market and deal with the operating difficulties of photovoltaic manufacturing enterprises

in view of the problems existing in China's photovoltaic power generation, deputy director Liu Qi said that the national energy administration would work with relevant departments to formulate and improve relevant policies and measures to promote the healthy and sustainable development of the photovoltaic industry. First, in conjunction with the Ministry of Finance and the China Meteorological Administration, we will support the detailed investigation and evaluation of solar energy resources to provide basic support for the next large-scale development of solar photovoltaic power generation

secondly, it is necessary to formulate and implement renewable energy power quota system to provide institutional and policy guarantee for renewable energy power demand. It is also necessary to formulate guidelines for solar photovoltaic power generation industry to comprehensively coordinate and promote the development of photovoltaic power generation industry. In addition, it is to formulate management measures for distributed power generation projects and promote the implementation of distributed photovoltaic power generation development. The major members are composed of chain single component or monomer, so as to accelerate the start of the domestic distributed photovoltaic market

deputy director Liu Qi also said that a number of photovoltaic power generation demonstration projects should be carried out in combination with the construction of new energy demonstration cities and green energy counties. Continue to deepen power system reform and mechanism innovation, and create a good institutional and mechanism environment for the development of renewable energy such as photovoltaic power generation. Zhonghua glass (New) this is the first information department in the recycled plastic zone in China to be held continuously in the form of an exhibition

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