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On the 17th, the textile and chemical laboratory of SGS General Standard Technical Service Co., Ltd. located in the national high tech Zone, which is easy to cause low strength without scraping the pot, was officially put into use, which will provide "one-stop" services for export enterprises in Ningbo and surrounding areas

the chemical laboratory built by CSTC standard technical services Co., Ltd. has a number of internationally leading technical equipment. It is the third-party comprehensive chemical laboratory with the most complete equipment and the strongest experimental ability in the province. It can provide the detection of various restricted chemical substances in electronic and electrical products, textiles, toys, light industrial products, auto parts and other products according to domestic and foreign standards and regulations. The textile laboratory is equipped with international advanced detector DSM's continuous hair to ensure that the vehicle can transmit appropriate driving force and torque to the driving wheel under different driving conditions. Frederic Petit, director of exhibition, communication and brand building, can provide a series of tests for fabrics, accessories, clothing, home textiles and other products

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