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From the inherent concept of people in the past, it is not suitable for construction in winter. From another perspective, Beijing is suitable for decoration all year round. Why

from the inherent concept of people in the past, it is not suitable for construction in winter. If you look at it from another angle, it is suitable for decoration all year round. Why? Because the greenhouse temperature varies greatly throughout the year. The phenomenon of shrinkage, expansion, arching, cracking and so on in furniture, doors and windows, walls and floors at the time of seasonal change does not only occur in projects under construction in winter

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seven problems that should be paid attention to in winter decoration:

first, the main materials used in decoration, especially wood, should be prepared in advance. It is best to place it in a room with heating equipment for 3 to 5 days to volatilize the moisture produced by temperature changes, so that the moisture content of wood is close to the level of the house, so as to avoid deformation after decoration

second, the sand should be carefully screened without ice. Some antifreeze can be added appropriately according to the actual construction needs. When mixing mortar, the temperature of water cannot exceed 80 ℃, and cement cannot be constructed in the open air. Antifreeze should be done well

III. putty should not be too thick. Because the indoor air is dry, the water loss is fast, otherwise it is easy to cause hollowing, cracking and wall inequality

IV. in winter, the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor is large. Whether wall tiles or floor tiles, they must be paved when they adapt to the indoor temperature to avoid hollowing and falling off after construction. In addition, pay attention to timely pointing after brick paving

v. when spraying various paints, the oiler should paint in strict accordance with the temperature in the product description. The ambient temperature of paint application should not be lower than 5 ℃, and the ambient temperature of varnish application should not be lower than 8 ℃. The oiler should pay attention to "keeping warm" and open the doors and windows for ventilation after fully drying

VI. the indoor environment inspection found that during indoor decoration in winter, indoor air pollution is very serious, and some families, office buildings and even decoration workers are troubled by harmful gases. Poisoning events occur every winter, so we must pay attention to the air quality of decoration

VII. During winter construction, pay attention to leaving appropriate gaps

1. During winter construction, the door gap should not be too small, so as to prevent the door from tightening in summer and cannot be opened and closed freely

2. When laying solid wood floors, about 2mm expansion joints should be left around, otherwise it will cause bulging and hanging

3. When making furniture, it is necessary to leave an interface seam of about 0.1mm to avoid deformation

4. For cracks caused by different cold shrinkage coefficients of different materials, the construction personnel should take the method of reserved joints to prevent and control, and the joints of all woodwork should be controlled at 1mm, and the joints of gypsum board and cement board should be controlled at 8mm




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