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Home decoration is not only a matter of spending a little money and getting tired, but also angry. You can't fight the decoration company, even the decoration team and workers. When you are so angry that you tremble all over, you really dare not hit people and break the law

I. design

1. I always think it is better to decorate my home by myself. I forget that it is necessary to design any profession. I thought it well at the beginning. In fact, I always pay attention to one thing and lose the other in operation. I either forget the coordination and unification of furniture and decoration, or forget how to control environmental protection indicators. For a moment, the size is not right, for a moment, the color matching is unreasonable, and for a moment, my family always complains

2. Easily trust the designers of large companies, completely rely on their professionalism, and forget that they are still a child without life experience, just like forgetting that rural people do not know how to live in the city

II. Quotation

1. Two eyes stared at the number on the quotation, as if the smaller the number, the better. I didn't expect that the world was really a penny for a penny. There was no free lunch, and the more I finally felt that I couldn't afford to spend money

2. Why didn't you expect to check the size of your home? The original low quotation is to compress the area. Finally, the actual quantity that should occur at home is calculated according to the actual occurrence. What's more regretful is that the quotation document contains quite vague information about what materials and processes are used for construction

III. contracts

1. I always thought about how natural and unrestrained it was when signing the contract. I didn't expect that the contract would really take effect after signing it, and I really wanted to give the money in my pocket to others

2. It's troublesome to see the thick contract attachment brought by the decoration company. I can't understand it lazily. I didn't expect that the terms in this attachment are all favorable to them. It turned out to be a trap for the owners

IV. decoration

1. Never choose a small decoration company, because there is no place to look for problems. For example, there is hollowing after the floor tiles are paved; The paint cracks on the painted walls and doors cannot be remedied. Since these problems were found after decoration, we need to find a decoration company to deal with them again, but the small company can't find them at all

2. Never look for fellow villagers, acquaintances and relatives for decoration. These people are very good on the surface, so you can rest assured. In fact, you have to keep an eye on decoration, because people who work are not working for their own homes after all, and there will always be some problems. I was so relieved that I gave it all to them. As a result, the window was not sealed within a year, and the window frame was loose, so I had to dismantle it and reinstall it




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