Professional production and sales of 15mm glass ma

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Professional production and sales of 15mm glass magnesium plate composite rock wool board due to the good moisture-proof performance of glass magnesium plate, its dry and wet deformation rate and heating dimensional expansion rate are unmatched by other products, especially the bending strength in the dry state is 15MPa

professional production and sales of 15mm glass magnesium plate composite rock wool board

rock wool sandwich color steel composite board. Structurally, although the surface of rock wool composite board uses color steel plate as the support framework and is filled with rock wool, It has a certain bearing capacity by bonding it together with glue, but its bending strength is much worse than that of glass magnesium color steel plate. When it is used as a ceiling, more steel beams must be installed on it to make up for its lack of strength. When it exceeds 2.0m, it is very easy to bend and deform

installation method

(I) light steel keel framework

1. Setting out and snapping lines

2. Fix the keel of heaven and earth on the floor and the top floor respectively with shooting screws or expansion screws

3. Arrange the vertical keel according to the design requirements (generally 612mm), and install the transverse keel

(II) plate packaging and fixation

1. First cut the plate to the required size (about 10mm shorter than the wall height)

2. The plate is fixed on the keel with self tapping screws in the form of staggered joints. The spacing of self tapping screws is generally about 220-250mm, and it needs to sink into the plate surface by 0.5mm

3. Note that about 4mm expansion joints should be left between plates

4. The sealing plate should be fixed from the middle of the plate to the surrounding of the plate. It is not allowed to operate at multiple points at the same time to avoid the warping of the plate due to internal stress

5. Before the plate is sealed and fixed, glass wool or rock wool can be placed in the cavity of the keel skeleton as needed to strengthen the sound insulation and fire prevention effect





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