Three tips for home decoration to save money

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For people who have not experienced decoration, they will not know where to start because they lack certain decoration knowledge. In fact, the method of home decoration is not complicated, and there are many decoration tips for reference. Let's talk about these home decoration tips, and take a look at the three measures that make your decoration fast and save money

1. Copy model rooms

now most commercial houses will launch several model rooms for buyers to visit when they are sold. Don't underestimate these model rooms -- developers spend a lot of money on the design, decoration and decoration of model rooms in order to achieve better display effect. Before we carry out decoration design, we might as well learn from the idea of model room, remove (or dilute) some unwanted and impractical designs, and add some elements we like, but the premise is that the overall style must be harmonious and unified. The specific approach is to invite an experienced designer to investigate the model room with you, and if it is convenient, leave more pictures of the decoration design of the model room (especially the details), and then work with the designer to complete personalized and practical details. This method can not only save you part of the design cost, but also get good results in the end

2. Strengthen communication joint

when carrying out home decoration, strengthening communication is one of the most effective ways to improve construction efficiency -- strengthening communication with designers can find the irrationality in the design as soon as possible, and avoid the construction period and economic losses caused by modifying the design in the future through timely modifications; Effective communication with construction workers (foremen) can predict the progress of the project and the problems encountered, and ensure the smooth construction through rapid processing; Timely communication with the property and neighbors can make the construction team cooperate and understand the impact of the community and neighbors, and ensure the construction progress from another side; Through in-depth communication with the project supervisor, problems can be found and solved in time, and various losses caused by large-scale rework can be avoided &hellip& hellip; Remember: only through communication can we improve the coordination of all links, so as to fundamentally improve the project quality and ensure the completion of the project on schedule

3. Improve procurement efficiency

improving procurement efficiency is the third magic weapon to make your decoration fast and economical. As we all know, there are many kinds of building materials required for decoration, and improving procurement efficiency can not only do a good job in the logistics of decoration, ensure the pause of the engineering department, but also save a lot of procurement time and travel costs. In addition, large-scale and integrated procurement can often get discounts from merchants and better services (such as door-to-door delivery), which will not only make the whole decoration process much easier, but also leave you not only money, but also valuable time and energy. Of course, these also need to be based on good communication

◆ precautions:

if you want to save money quickly in home decoration, you must make sufficient preparations in advance. At the same time, you should pay attention to avoiding additional items during home decoration. Everything is ready if you have a certain understanding of decoration knowledge. So I suggest you learn more about decoration




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