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The "6th 315 Lai Lai cup authentic wall cloth shopping festival" of Ou Shilai wall cloth has ended. On April 2, ou Shilai wall cloth has gone to Chongqing to prepare, and on April 3, it will give them the prize of the champion store

time will prove to you that

enough efforts

will bring you the surprise you expect

the "sixth 315 Lai Lai cup authentic wall cloth shopping festival" of oshilai wall cloth has ended. For other stores, this activity has been successfully concluded, and in terms of sales, they have handed over their own or satisfied or dissatisfied answers, but for a store in Chongqing, April 3 is the "highlight" of this oshilai major event

315 is the international consumer rights day. The original intention of holding this activity was to support and protect the rights and interests of consumers, but I didn't expect this activity to become larger and larger. This year, the 315 activity is the sixth. The annual "Lai Lai cup authentic wallcovering Shopping Festival" is rich in prizes and bonuses, which can be said to completely stimulate the sales passion of distribution stores

in the spring of the year, there is a good sales volume. I believe that every oshilai family will be full of motivation throughout the year

this year, the champion store of 315 activities is located in Chongqing

the staff of the company went to Chongqing on April 2 to prepare and presented them with the prize of the champion store on April 3

on the same day, the reporter went to interview the two heads of the store. It was also through this interview that we learned the reason for the success of this store

one of the two beauties interviewed is Daya, who is good at customer development in the community. She is not only diligent and hardworking, but also friendly and has her own set of mature customer development methods; The other is Xiaoya, who is good at being a guest and observing carefully, and can "suit the remedy to the case" for different customers. Two people, one inside and one outside, cooperate very tacitly

when we first met, we thought these were two sisters. After a detailed chat, we knew that everything was fate. Although Da Ya and Xiao Ya are not related by blood, their trust and tacit understanding are far better than their sisters. For them, happiness in their career is more important than the result

in the early days of joining oshilai, both the influence of the brand and the operation of the store were far from today's scale. Therefore, Daya and Xiaoya also had the intention of going away for many times, and they wanted to give up oshilai and jump out of the sales circle of Wallcovering for a new start

but now, Daya is full of gratitude. She is grateful not only to the service manager and the whole team of oshilai wallcovering, but also to herself who insists on working hard. She said: "in fact, it is very easy to give up, especially to be a franchised store, but the difficult thing is to insist. We are very lucky to meet ou Shilai, and we are also very glad that Ou Shilai has such a strong and patient team that has given us timely guidance and support."

Xiaoya also shared a little skill of making orders by herself. She will always prepare a small book. No matter whether she can make a deal on site or not, she will make follow-up records. If she can't make a deal on site, she will find her own reasons in time, form a complete set of scripts for various types of customers who enter the store, and make corresponding follow-up and recommendations according to their situation when customers enter the store again. It is such an inconspicuous little action that makes her win the recognition of many customers

during the interview, the store also signed a large order

an order for a villa

now that we have come to the champion store in Chongqing, of course, what we need to do is not only to present awards and distribute prizes to the store, but also an equally important thing, which is to carry out in-depth training for the local market and employees in the store

point-to-point services can often truly "suit the remedy to the case" and "adjust measures to local conditions"

in 2019, the slogan of oshilai wall cloth is "strong learning, strong ability and strong service"

this slogan is not empty. The development of society is getting faster and faster. In order to adapt to the rapidly developing market and economy, the company has organized its employees to carry out systematic learning for many times, and carried out more in-depth learning and training for different positions, so as to use more professional knowledge to serve every oshilai family

among those who went to Chongqing stores, there was a manager in charge of Chongqing. Before the training, he specially went to the market where the store is located to investigate and carefully prepare courses suitable for them. In combination with our "seven swords store system", small classes were carried out. In the course, he mainly talked about "customer collection" and "transaction", which are very useful for store terminal sales

not only the people from the champion store, but also many store principals and employees from other regions came to attend the class. After the course, they said that the "seven swords store system" is very practical and can be applied to the operation and sales of their own stores

no small steps, no even a thousand miles

no small streams, There is no way to achieve success

in the current fierce competition

it is not easy to make oshilai wallcovering stores

stand out from the whole market

it cannot be achieved overnight

it is the deep foundation accumulated by oshilai wallcovering team bit by bit

under the new situation

oshilai wallcovering has obtained tickets to set foot on the fast lane

no matter how the industry changes in the future

I believe osley will not Disappoint followers

all surprises, just because of enough efforts

in the future, let's wait and see

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