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For geomantic omens, walls have a huge impact on homes, apartments and even the geomantic omen of a city. For example, the wall surrounding the Forbidden City gave the residents a sense of security, and, like the garrison, he drew boundaries to protect people from ghosts and worldly enemies

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in indoor space, the meaning of walls is consistent with that of some mountains, which together play a role in protecting Feng Shui. The occupants should lean against the solid wall so as to avoid danger. They should look out the window and enjoy the beautiful scenery

solid walls are sometimes used to expel evil spirits, but also to block airflow. In China, when building a house, it is often necessary to plan in advance, so that the wall at the entrance can prevent evil, and at the same time, it must not prevent the good air flow between various spaces

before incorporating factors such as walls, ceilings and floors into the room plan, it is wise to measure their height, length and width to ensure that their dimensions meet the requirements of good feng shui

although it is common to design rooms for certain activities, changes in family, lifestyle and the position of Qi in the family cycle may require changes in the indoor structure. It is wise to design an internal structure suitable for many aspects to meet the requirements of these changes. Some Feng Shui experts require that the indoor partition can be disassembled and reinstalled, so that the pattern can be arranged according to people's will

placed on the ceiling, feng shui experts believe that Liang Hecheng can neither be exposed nor placed above the sleeping area. The inclined ceiling is also unlucky, because it will hinder and inhibit the flow of air. If the beam looks heavy, you can hang a clock on it to weaken the brake

the rent should be set at the four corners or in front of the room to prevent it from being damaged. If there are columns exposed in the room, it will produce bad breath or its imbalance, so people can't sit with their backs against him. Building a solid wall between the column and the person can eliminate the imbalance and protect the person

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under what circumstances should we invite feng shui masters? If there are the following situations, it is time to seriously ask teachers for public opinion:

1. When many unexpected things happen for no reason

2. Working place, including when the office location changes

3. When the environment around home changes greatly. Such as building a building, building a bridge, moving or removing a big tree, Boulder, sculpture, and digging a pool

4. Before moving into a new home

under what circumstances should we look at Feng Shui

5. After moving in, many unexpected things happened

6. Sudden changes in stable work

7. Health problems began to interfere with family members

8. Disputes between husband and wife become more frequent

9. Family members have frequent accidents

10. Family members cannot sleep at ease

11. Children's academic performance plummeted

12. Family members become reluctant to go home

13. Many ominous feelings

14. Unable to control their emotions and temper

if there is any of the above situations, please ask the geomantic omen to have a look, otherwise the small will lead to disease and disaster, and the big will lead to man-made disasters

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