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For a family, the most important thing about decoration is to save money, but decoration is a bottomless hole, and how much money can be filled in. Decoration budget is the most critical link for every family. How much does it cost to decorate a 90 square meter building? Xiaobian is here to give you a budget for the decoration cost of 90 square meters

for a family, the most important thing about decoration is to save money, but decoration is a bottomless hole, and how much money can be filled in. Decoration budget is the most critical link for every family. How much does it cost to decorate a 90 square meter building? Xiaobian is here to give you a budget for the decoration cost of 90 square meters

first, the main factors affecting the decoration cost of 90 square meters

1. Decoration methods

house decoration can adopt three decoration methods: half package, full package and clean package, of which half package is the most common, and the budget cost of decoration of 90 square meters will probably be between 40000 and 60000

the price of all inclusive decoration is not capped, mainly because all materials and labor are provided by decoration companies. Many decoration companies lack integrity, and the use of materials often misrepresents prices

if you choose clean decoration, the decoration budget will be less, because the decoration company is mainly responsible for construction, and the cost paid by the owner is mainly labor cost. At present, the labor cost of clearing the package is 200 to 400 a day, which mainly depends on the number of decoration projects of the owner, and the duration is also determined by the project

2. Decoration grade

90 square meters decoration budget cost. If it is a simple decoration, the cost is 30000 to 50000, the middle-grade decoration is 50000 to 80000, and the high-end special seminar is about 80000 to 120000. If the price goes up, you can do luxury decoration

II. List of expenses for various parts of decoration of 90 square meters

1. Lamps

lamps should be selected from an economic point of view, and practicality should be considered first. Bright and luxurious lighting products are not the best choice. The decoration company suggests that for a 90 square meter house, the shape of lamps should not be too much. The simple way is to use ceiling lamps in the bedroom and choose lamps with a sense of shape in the guest restaurant. Usually, the ceiling lamps are 80 to 100 yuan and the shape lamps are about 200 yuan

2. Floor cabinets

cabinets are our most common building materials products. In the process of purchase, on the premise of ensuring quality, reasonable price becomes the key. Roughly purchase cabinets with a price of about 3000 yuan; For the choice of floor, the designer suggests, “ For a house with an area of 90 square meters, laminate flooring should be a product with high cost performance. You can choose a flooring product with more than 100 yuan per square meter

3. Ceramic tiles

for the selection of wall tiles in kitchen and bathroom space, you can choose tiles of general quality, with the price ranging from 30 to 40 yuan. However, the performance requirements of floor tiles are higher, and products with higher cost performance need to be purchased, and the price is also relatively expensive. Therefore, when purchasing, the price needs to be distinguished

4. TV wall materials

because the TV wall area is small, the materials used are also diverse, and wallpaper is a more popular decoration. If you choose wallpaper, it is recommended to buy Korean wallpaper, which is about 700 yuan per roll. At the same time, in the choice of materials, consumers can compare more and buy convenient materials

5. Paint

when purchasing paint products, we need to pay attention not only to environmental protection, but also to product popularity. The price of big brand paint is higher than that of ordinary paint, but in the long run, the quality of brand paint is more guaranteed and the use time is longer. The price of each barrel of paint is about fourorfive yuan. The specific price depends on the actual price of the brand, which is for reference only

6. Water circuit materials

water circuit transformation occupies a large cost in decoration. PPR pipes are generally used for waterways, and PVC pipes are used for circuit transformation, which can be divided into open lines and dark lines. The open line is about 20 yuan for 1 meter, and the dark line is about 30 yuan for 1 meter. The designer believes that no matter how large the room is, the cost elasticity of water circuit transformation is relatively large. The key is to look at the initial design. If the design is good, it will save a lot of money; If the design is not good or the preparation is insufficient, the money may be wasted. A house of 90 square meters can be as expensive as sevenoreight thousand yuan, or as little as fourorfive thousand yuan

7. Sanitary products

ceramic sanitary products, we don't have to deliberately pursue its luxury and high-end, and practicality is the king. At present, there are many kinds of bathroom products on the market. Consumers don't need to choose those multifunctional bathroom products. As long as they have high cost performance, the overall price ranges from 2000 yuan

the above prices are from the Internet and are for reference only. Please refer to the actual local price. The price of home decoration is closely related to market fluctuations, and prices in different regions will also vary. If you are looking for a decoration company with first-class qualification, the decoration price will be higher

III. how to make a decoration budget of 90 square meters will be reasonable

as the housing patterns are different, there are many places that need to be paid attention to when making a budget. Taking the living room as an example, it is necessary to point out the specific location of the ceiling and the scale of this construction, which involves the area of the ceiling. PVC plastic gusset plate or aluminum alloy gusset plate can be selected as the main material for ceiling. The auxiliary materials are wood keel, metal hanger and other hardware

according to the survey, the most popular decoration style among modern people can be said to be modern simple style. Due to the busy life, modern people prefer simplicity in the style of house decoration, which is simple but not simple, and has the feeling of modern fashion. If you want to pursue economic applicability for the decoration of 90 square meters, you can choose the modern simple style. The budget price of decoration is not high, and the half package decoration is about 70000

the above is about the decoration cost of 90 square meters. I'll introduce it here first. I hope it can help you. For more information about decoration, please continue to pay attention to the information




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