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Every year after the beginning of the new year, it is time to adjust the price of decoration. Has the decoration market in Wuhan also increased this year? This is undoubtedly the most concerned problem of the people

recently, the Xiaobian of Wuhan home decoration network found in a market visit that many decoration companies in Wuhan have launched new upgrade packages after the year, and the price has increased by 8% - 10% over last year. In addition, some decoration companies in Wuhan have begun to adjust the scope of their orders, from a half package of 30000 years ago to more than a half package of 40000; The quotation of some decoration companies has increased from 400-700 yuan/㎡ to 500-1200 yuan/㎡

Carnival decoration new year's first president's Gold Diamond signing event site (Figure)

it is understood that this year, most decoration companies began to implement price increase strategies in decoration packages or construction and building materials, and claimed that the reason for the price increase was that their processes and materials were "upgraded", but they were vague about what specific upgrading projects included

in a decoration company promoting upgrading, when the editor asked "what the upgrading project includes", the person in charge of the store said that their auxiliary materials and main materials were better than before. As for the good news, the staff of the company couldn't say a word about which grade was replaced by which grade. In a hurry, they added another reason for the price rise - the labor cost has increased a lot this year

"in fact, the quotation of home decoration has increased by more than 10% since the end of last year, but we still make profits to customers through discounts and other ways." Mr. Zhou Yufeng, executive director of Carnival decoration, said that the business of home decoration was difficult to do in the first half of this year, because everyone competed to hold down prices for orders and disorderly competition, and the profit of home decoration business also plummeted to about 18%. In contrast, the decoration "guerrillas" with low operating costs are more popular





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