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When most customers buy cabinets, they mainly look at the style and color of the cabinets. In fact, cabinet hardware plays an important role in their comfort, quality and life, so they must not ignore these seemingly small but key components when buying cabinets

when most customers buy cabinets, they mainly look at the style and color of the cabinets. In fact, the comfort of cabinet hardware on their use Quality and service life play an important role, so you must not ignore these seemingly small but critical components when purchasing

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● hinge

hinge is one of the necessary hardware for connecting the cabinet body with the door panel and repeatedly opening and closing. Because the opening frequency of the door panel is the highest in the use process. Therefore, the quality of the hinge is particularly important. Opening and closing effect and durability, nature, smoothness and silence are the basic requirements. The second is adjustability: the adjustable range of up and down, left and right, front and back is ± 2mm; The minimum opening angle should be 95 DEG; And certain corrosion resistance and safety. A good hinge is hard to break by hand, the reed is solid, and there is no shaking at the mechanical folding. When it is closed to 15 degrees, it will automatically rebound, and the rebound force is very uniform

hinges can be divided into ordinary and quick installation. Block hinges can quickly realize the separation and combination of door panels and cabinets, and the price difference between the two will be 3 or 4 times. Domestic use of ordinary hinges is OK. Foreign cabinets use quick installation hinges because the labor cost of foreign installation workers is very high. In contrast, using quick installation hinges saves labor, and the overall cost will be cheaper. Different national conditions have caused differences in the use of materials. Blum express package imported from Austria (this hinge is a top brand in this field, with 200000 switches. It belongs to the top configuration in the furniture market. There is no doubt about its quality. The cost is higher than that of any imported brand)

a hinge of good quality can be switched for tens of thousands of times and is easy to be flexible. The cabinet door at the corner is equipped with two linkage hinges, which makes good use of the space

● the slide rail

should have the technical function and quality second only to the hinge. The better sliding function should be the natural combination of stability and load-bearing effect. Under the rated load-bearing conditions, there is no obvious friction sound and jamming phenomenon, and the sliding is smooth. It plays an important role in the service effect and service life of drawers

● handle

handle should have beautiful appearance and fine workmanship. The metal surface shall be free of rust, and the coating shall be free of defects, burrs and sharp edges

generally divided into invisible handle and general handle. Personally, I think the aluminum alloy invisible (full body) handle is the best, mainly because it doesn't occupy space and won't touch people, but some people say it's not convenient to do hygiene

● hanging cabinet Pendant

special assembly for installing on the cabinet. The hanging piece is fixed on the wall, and the hanging code is fixed on both sides of the left and right upper corners of the hanging cabinet. After hanging, it can be adjusted up and down, front and back. Finally, add “ Cabinet body combiner ” It can ensure the fixed quality

and use effect. Quality requirements for special assemblies: each lifting code shall be able to bear 50kg vertical lifting force; With three-dimensional adjustment function; Plastic parts shall be flame retardant and free from cracks and spots. In order to save costs, some small manufacturers use screws to fix the hanging cabinet through the wall. This method is neither beautiful nor safe, and it is troublesome to adjust the position

● pneumatic support

is a kind of support like pneumatic trunk support. It is a kind of hardware that can only be used when turning the door up. There is a great deviation in the price of pneumatic support, which is generally better imported from abroad and has a long service life

● skirting board

skirting is made of cabinet materials, PVC and aluminum alloy. Its main function is to prevent sundries from entering the lower part of the cabinet, and its other function is beauty

open the skirting board of the cabinet, and you can see that there are four adjusting feet supporting the cabinet at the bottom of each cabinet. Each adjusting foot shall be able to withstand not less than 100





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