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Personally, I think professional things should be handed over to professional people. For example, color matching should be handed over to professional designers to analyze specifically according to their own family situation. However, given that it is not easy to find professional people and judge whether people are professional or not. Our owners can also understand some simple relationships between color and space, such as the size of color and space, the influence of light, the use of patterns, and so on

cold colors and warm colors

cold colors mainly include blue, blue-green, blue purple, etc., which makes people feel cool when looking at them. Warm colors mainly include red, orange, yellow, etc., which makes people feel warm when looking at them. Green and purple are neutral colors

what is the relationship between warm and cold colors and space size? Warm colors have a sense of expansion, while cool colors have a sense of contraction

if the sofa is warm, it has a sense of expansion, and the sofa looks larger than it really is, it will appear more compact space

if the sofa is cold and has a sense of contraction, it will appear that the room will be more spacious

forward color and backward color

if you put the same color together, some colors feel more vivid in front of you, closer to us, called forward color

on the contrary, there is backward color. The warm color mentioned above is the forward color, and the cold color is the backward color. For example, in life, billboards use more forward colors

high purity and low lightness are also advanced colors. Purity can be understood as the degree of bright colors. Red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple are high purity, black, white and gray are colorless, and the purity is the lowest. Low purity means that they will be closer and closer to gray. Lightness can be understood as brightness. White lightness is the highest and black lightness is the lowest

for example, the orange wall, with warm tone, high purity and general lightness, belongs to the forward color, and you will feel that the wall is closer to the eyes, that is, the space is reduced visually

this light blue gray wall, with cold tone (blue), low purity (gray) and high lightness (white), belongs to the backward color, and the wall retreats visually, The sense of space is more spacious

horizontal stripes and vertical stripes

the use of horizontal stripes will visually expand horizontally, and the use of vertical stripes will visually increase the floor height. This dress is the same, vertical lines show high and thin

for example, the area of toilets and kitchens is generally small. If bread bricks are paved, most of them will be paved horizontally, which makes it more spacious

the walls on the floor generally choose horizontal paving, which visually increases the width of the room

if you choose vertical striped wallpaper, you can stretch the visual layer height. In this regard, it will be better to cooperate with low-sized furniture.

color and gray

bright and bright colors symbolize vitality, happiness and youth, and gray gives people a sense of tranquility, low-key, calm and elegance. There is no good or bad color. It is normal that people with different personalities like different colors

people who are introverted and mature like gray, and will feel that the color is too noisy

role playing

indoor color matching can be divided into four types according to different roles like movies: main character color, matching role, background color, and decorative color

the main role is generally the main body in the space, such as large furniture, sofa in the living room, bed in the bedroom; The matching role is generally smaller than the protagonist, and is usually used to foil the protagonist, such as a single sofa, tea table, bedside table; The background color is generally wall, ground and top; The embellishment color is the smallest, usually pillows, vases, green plants, decorations, etc

the protagonist's sofa is dark gray, the background is white and light green, the supporting role coffee table and TV cabinet are light wood, the embellishment color is blue pillows and vases, and the Yellow partition on the wall

the embellishment color will choose bright colors, and the area should be small, so as to highlight and make the finishing point

role matching is generally used to foil the main character, and most of them will use colors that are opposite or far from the main character's color to foil it. However, the area of role matching should not be too large, otherwise it will feel overwhelming

in a word, whether the color matching can be coordinated has certain rules to be found, but there is no fixed formula, let alone a ready-made scheme. For our amateur owners, in addition to finding professional designers, imitation learning may be a reliable way




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