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One third of one's life is spent in the bedroom. Sleep health is the first important thing in life. A good sleep accounts for a very high proportion of the happiness index of life. The bedroom is a place for residents to sleep and rest, and it is the most relaxing space for the soul

one third of one's life is spent in the bedroom. Sleep health is the first important thing in life. A good sleep accounts for a very high proportion of the happiness index of life. The bedroom is a place for residents to sleep and rest, and it is the most relaxing space for the soul. As an important part of bedroom furniture, the wardrobe directly affects the subtle feeling of living. Modern families have higher and higher requirements for the choice of wardrobe. The requirements for wardrobe not only focus on the role of storing objects, but also pursue a kind of fashion and taste. At present, most of the wardrobes on the market are solid wood wardrobes and panel wardrobes, and the design of the wardrobe door is also based on sliding doors and sliding doors. How to choose a wardrobe

first, look at the strength of brand manufacturers:

first of all, understand the strength of the overall wardrobe company. From their company culture, concept, production equipment and production level, and from the public praise of franchisees and consumers, I'm not saying that some unknown overall wardrobe manufacturers can't do it. After all, the production process of big brands such as Hesheng Yaju is relatively guaranteed in terms of quality, environmental protection and after-sales. For example, Hesheng Yaju overall wardrobe, which is one of the top ten brands of overall wardrobe, has formed a system from design, production to after-sales service, It is really convenient for franchisees and individual consumers

Hesheng Yaju simple children's wardrobe

Part 2: look at the material selection of the wardrobe:

professional manufacturers choose environmentally friendly boards that meet the national testing standards, while some manufacturers choose inferior boards that pose a potential threat to human health without testing reports. For example, the recent uproar of formaldehyde content exceeding the standard shows the importance of material selection. Therefore, to buy a wardrobe, it depends on whether the merchant has the plate inspection report and relevant inspection certificate from the national authoritative inspection department. Even for high-quality boards, consumers also need to know whether environmental protection meets the standard

Hesheng Yaju Provence wardrobe

Part III: look at the veneer of the plate:

some wardrobes look good on the surface. In fact, you can draw obvious scratches with a slight stroke of your fingernails. These wardrobes are made of poly paper and gorgeous paper, which are often used on the surface of low-cost wardrobes in the market, and their wear resistance is poor. Professional manufacturers use environmental friendly melamine veneers with thick dipping paint and high temperature and high pressure treatment, which have high surface strength, wear resistance and scratch resistance

Hesheng Yaju neoclassical wardrobe

Part IV, look at the edge banding of plates:

professional manufacturers use precision panel saws to cut plates, and there is no edge collapse around the plates. After edge banding around, it can effectively prevent moisture in the air from invading the interior of the plate. Some manufacturers have no professional equipment, the cutting is rough, and there is obvious edge collapse around. Some even cut corners, only sealing the front side of the plate. The non edge sealing surface is easy to absorb moisture in the air, causing the expansion of the plate, causing the deformation of the wardrobe and affecting the service life

Hesheng Yaju Alps wardrobe

Step 5: look at hardware accessories:

professional manufacturers use famous accessories with quality assurance. Accessories are an important element of wardrobe, bookcase and sliding door, and also the device with the most loss in the use of wardrobe. Accessories are often hidden, which is difficult for consumers to identify. It is important to carefully push and pull the feeling to ensure the comfort and durability of household products

Hesheng Yaju Nordic modern wardrobe

Step 6: look at the processing method:

professional manufacturers use professional full-automatic edge banding machines, choose environmental friendly hot melt adhesive to seal the edges on all sides, and the veneer is firm. Only when the auxiliary materials used in the production process are environmentally friendly can we ensure that the wardrobe finally produced is environmentally friendly and that there are no harmful substances. Some manufacturers, without professional processing equipment, use ordinary universal glue to seal the edge manually, which is easy to bulge and fall off. In addition, the harmful substances such as benzene and formaldehyde contained in this glue seriously exceed the standard, posing a potential threat to human health

Hesheng Yaju new Chinese grosgrain series wardrobe

Part 7. Look at the back plate structure:

professional manufacturers use a back plate with a thickness of 5mm or more (Hesheng Yaju 9mm), melamine veneer, and a slotted reverse leather lap structure to prevent the back plate from absorbing moisture on the wall directly at the contact surface with the wall. Some brands have thin backboards, which are connected by nailed backboards. The backboards are in direct contact with the wall. The moisture and moisture on the wall are easily absorbed by the board, which is prone to moisture, mildew and deformation, making the cabinet lose its tightness

Hesheng Yaju impression love sea wardrobe

step 8: see whether it is customized for professional home:

brand wardrobe is professionally produced, and the functional parts (drawers, trousers racks, tie plates, etc.) are all standard design, with standard width, depth and height. At the same time, in order to meet the personalized needs of customers, it also provides customized quality assurance, which is in line with the concept of professional customized home

Hesheng Yaju neoclassical wardrobe

Hesheng Yaju home furnishing brand was founded in 2006, and its production base is located in Guangzhou, where the customized wardrobe industry chain is the most concentrated and perfect. After 11 years of trials and tribulations, Hesheng Yaju has won the love and favor of the majority of consumers with its healthy and environmental friendly materials, excellent quality products and superhuman services. Therefore, Hesheng Yaju has won a number of national and relevant department honorary certificates, such as "China's top ten wardrobe brands", "China's green and environmental protection brands", "national consumer confidence and satisfaction brands", "national enterprise with stable product quality", "brand with the most investment potential", It is one of the top ten brands of overall wardrobe in China

Hesheng Yaju is the first full house brand in the industry that integrates panel customization, whole wood home decoration and children's customization. Its products include overall household products such as overall wardrobe, cloakroom, bookcase, wine cabinet, TV cabinet, bed, bedside cabinet and cabinet, meeting the personalized customization needs of different groups. Secondly, it has an experienced quality management team, introduced five advanced German Haomai flexible production lines in the industry, produced and processed in strict accordance with international quality standards, and designed multiple quality inspection procedures in the whole production and processing process. The manufacturing process is perfect, delivering guaranteed household products to thousands of households, and fundamentally improving people's healthy and environmental protection home life experience




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