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"Where's dad going" has now been broadcast to the end of the third season. The guests Liu Ye, 4-year-old Liu Nuoyi, Hu Jun, 6-year-old Hu Haokang, Zou Shiming, 4-year-old Zou Mingxuan, Lin Yongjian, 4-year-old Lin Dajun, Xia Keli, 5-year-old summer (poppy), and the last few episodes of Wang Baoqiang and his daughter Nana, who have just joined us, have left a deep impression on us, whether they are cute babies or super daddies

domineering President: Kang Kang

seeing Kang Kang reminds me of this poem: stones are like jade, and pines are like emerald. Lang Yan is unique, and there is no other in the world. He is a sea water on the surface and a flame in the heart. He always does more and says less. Everyone is silently installed in his heart. He is affectionate, kind, steady and innocent

at the beginning of this issue, Kangkang always didn't talk much. He looked cool, so he was given “ Domineering President ” I said, but in fact, Kangkang's heart is very soft. He always takes care of his brother and sister very attentively and carefully, and sometimes thinks about it “ Village head &rdquo

as a little man, Kangkang certainly inherited the character of his father Hu Jun. he was so cool when he went to the United States to participate in the motorcycle Festival

in front of his brothers and sisters, he is a warm brother who is willing to help others; In front of strangers, he is a little knight who takes the initiative to protect everyone; In front of his father, he is a good son whose appearance is cold and cool, but his heart is full of concern for his father. Kangkang is such a lovely boy

brother next door: Lin Dajun

at the beginning, Dajun didn't perform very well, but in the later periods, we can see that Dajun has really made great growth and progress

Linda Jun, who has a full score of social skills, simply brings her own friends' aura. He is well matched with every child, and he has all kinds of tacit understanding and love. Xiao Bian concludes: Da Jun is a Virgo boy with free and easy character, innocent, kind, generous and lively, who occasionally tells jokes

Half Blood Prince: Liu Nuoyi

fairy Prince Nuoyi is willing to be good friends with all small animals. I believe there are “ Guanyin Bodhisattva &rdquo& ldquo; Princess Iron Fan &rdquo& ldquo; Monkey King &rdquo& ldquo; Mermaid &rdquo& hellip;& hellip; He is a prince with fairy tales in his heart, full of kindness to the world and others

Guanyin Bodhisattva asked me to chat with you for a while; This is our demon cave, right; Dad doesn't cry, man; But I have given it to Xuanxuan's brother; Dad, you are great; I have 80 wonderful love dad; Sister, I love you. It's okay. Brother will protect you; I'm a little reluctant to go to heaven with you. If I go with you, I won't see my parents after &hellip& hellip;& hellip;& hellip;

well, Xiaobian's eyes were moist when he sorted out what Nuoyi said &hellip& hellip;

hot blooded, heroic and cute baby: Zou Mingxuan

smart, funny, very cute, persistent, heroic and righteous

Xuanxuan is sincere and kind to every little partner, full of vitality and golden sentences. He says it's okay to start again after losing. He never gives up when wrestling. He has a cute little milk sound, runs like speed and passion, and loves to help and share. He is a little fat man who only tears for his appetite

honey Princess: Summer

the summer that first appeared in front of us in a princess dress and a crown was so beautiful that people were unprepared and caught off guard

this girl who has been kissed by God, a little princess who has a princess dream but has no princess disease, every moment of you is my love. Since then, every summer, I will think of “ Poppy”, I fell in love with you at first sight, so far I'm unforgettable

smart and smart: Ni Na

flickering big eyes, long and dense eyelashes, cute little curls Ni Na, she can move your heart with a pair of eyes, and when you meet her smile, you will feel the world melt

slow and introverted: Nana

when she first joined the column, Nana was afraid of strangers and was unwilling to participate in activities. As the travel continued, the lovely Nana gradually let go of herself and became more and more sensible and cheerful





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