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Achieve high-quality ceiling artifact Yuanzhen hardware tools are widely trusted by workers.

ceiling artifact is a nail shooting fastening system developed to save material resources, manpower and time in the process of ceiling. It is said that its energy density exceeds that of all current three-dimensional systems. It can complete ceiling work without percussion drill and power line connection, but many engineering teams prohibit the use of this very convenient tool. Why on earth are some projects not allowed to use ceiling artifacts? With this question, I visited the local construction team in Hangzhou

according to an old worker Chen, if pebbles or steel bars are encountered during the construction of ceiling artifact, the nails may not be able to get in, or the nails may be bent, which will reduce the nail grip and leave hidden dangers. If you buy products with poor quality, the risk factor is greater, so all parameters of ceiling artifact are strictly regulated. Most of the ceiling artifacts used by the engineering team have obtained formal permission, such as Yuanzhen hardware tools used by their own engineering team

(Yuanzhen ceiling artifact)

according to Lao Chen, standard ceiling artifact generally adopts copper shell appearance, and ceiling nails also need to use special materials to ensure that the ceiling quality meets high standards and avoid hidden dangers in the construction process. The core is the treatment of the shell, which has high requirements on the manufacturing process. A good shell yipuwan has a product that can help the mixed glass and nylon reach the service life of tens of thousands of times, He also said that in this regard, Yuanzhen hardware tools can be said to be very hard core. They are made of alloy and have a higher level of technology

in order to have a deeper understanding of this product, I interviewed Lao Zhang, the foreman. When introducing this product, Mr. Zhang said that Yuanzhen hardware tools is a local brand engaged in the hardware tool industry earlier. Many of the products produced have long enjoyed a reputation in the engineering field, and ceiling artifacts are no exception. The ceiling artifacts produced by the company have many quality inspection certificates such as gb/t19001 and ISO09001, and have also been recognized by many engineering teams in practical application, which is deeply guaranteed in quality. The wing surface equipped by the engineering team is covered with 17200 solar cells. The Yuanzhen ceiling artifact is also equipped with auxiliary calibration tools such as screw hooks, which reduces the error angle during operation, makes the steel nails of the ceiling hook more accurately inserted into the marked ceiling position, and helps the workers reduce the difficulty of the ceiling

(Yuanzhen special ceiling nail)

in the dialogue with other workers, I deeply felt that the workers' trust and demand for high-quality hardware structure should be as simple as possible with the brand. I also sincerely admire Yuanzhen hardware tools' persistence for many years. It is an objective demonstration of brand strength to be able to obtain many honors and use group recognition. I believe Yuanzhen hardware tools will not disappoint in the future development path

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